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      I  started getting serious with my passion for photography in 1999. I learned through photo workshops, and reading a number of books. I studied the importance of light and how to capture it for a perfect picture. I prefer photographing outdoor landscapes in natural light.

I grew up in Muskegon, Michigan, and spent the biggest part of my life there. In 2003 I moved to Omaha, Nebraska live there for 12 years. I am now back in Michigan and live in Grand Haven. While pursuing my passion and shooting photos across the U. S. I’ve gain a lot of experience and adventure. Digital technology is fantastic, and I use Canon DSLR Equipment, with a tripod to get the sharpest image possible. I find photography to be a combination of art, angles, light, and a lot of patience, both are challenging and very rewarding.

Mike in Holland ad b 6.4  sg.jpg
IMG_5327  sm ad b paint 0.2.0_2.jpg
Canon 6D & 100mm-400mm Lens
IMG_6278 6.4 ad r 1.4.0 afix hr.jpg
Canon 80D
IMG_3776 sm 6.4 ad afix.JPG
Canon 6D & 80D
IMG_6351 6.4 ad hr r.jpg
Top of the line trypod
IMG_9800 8.10 ad r B 1.1.0 bc2.6.jpg
Recommendation by Lynda Lear Balkema

Most of you know I have done photography for years, weddings, high school seniors, and of course, my first love, nature. But I have to step back and bow down, I have admired a lot of other photographers work, of course Ansel Adams, Galen Rowels and locally Todd and Brad Reed, but my former classmate, Mike Borstler is the new king, I am SO impressed with every shot he posts and his passion to get out daily and capture the beauty around us. If you are not seeing his work, friend him. Mike you need a "page" to like and then your own store like the Reed's have in Ludington. 


What I really appreciate is that your photos appear natural, you "wait for it" a lot of photographers are doing a great amount of Photoshop enhancements, 

Happy Customers
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IMG_9934 12..4b ad r b 2.1.1 12.9.12 bc1.8 nb.JPG

Mike Borstler Photography

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