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IMG_0160 6.4 ad r 6.1.0 _2  bc0.3  P3.jpg
Sunset, of Grand Haven, Michigan
IMG_1151 ad c 1.1.1 bc1.6 sg2 for 16x24 b +1.jpg
Grand Haven Lighthouse
IMG_0516 6x4A ad r b 6.2.0 bc2.8 hr +4  P5 sg gray.jpg
Grand Haven fog house covered with ice
IMG_1734 6.4 ad b r sg.jpg
IMG_3312 6.4 ad r 2.2.0 bc2.6 bc6.0.jpg
Canvas 16x24         
IMG_2468 8.10 ad 4.4.0 bc2.8.jpg
Canvas 16x24         
IMG_1689 6.4 sm ad r2 afo 2.2.0 bc4.24.JPG
Canvas 40x60
IMG_0072 8.10 ad r b 14.14.47 bc2.6 hr 3.0.24 sg 16x20 p5  6.0.20.jpg
IMG_9934 12..4b ad r b 2.1.1 12.9.12 bc1.8 nb.JPG

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